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SAVING ABEL: Jared Weeks - Vocals Jason Null - Guitar / Backing Vocals Scott Bartlett - Guitar / Backing Vocals Eric Taylor - Bass Blake Dixon - Drums Saving Abel has emerged in recent years as one of the most successful rock bands in the United States. The band is widely known via multi-format hits at radio, and has taken the stage at hundreds of venues across the U.S. Like many of their rock brethren, a true picture of who they really are individually and collectively is just beginning to take shape as critical mass builds. When that picture comes in to focus, thecolorful, yet truly down home, altruistic, and sincere personalities of these five men will emerge. In looking forward towards their second studio album MISS AMERICA, the band is optimistic that their evolution and experience will serve them well. Guitarist Bartlett observes, "We are creating the new Southern Rock. Not to say we are pioneers, but it is VERY exciting. We are five unique individuals with five dominant personalities. This is typically an ingredient for disaster, but we make it work and wouldn't have it any other way." Drummer Dixon continues, "We've become better writers and musicians. You go from working a 9 to 5 to playing music all day every day, and you get better." Bassist Taylor adds, "The heavy's are definitely heavier, but this album shows how much we have improved as writers and musicians." As guitarist Null sees it, "We are evolving into our own as a band, and picking up where 'Addicted' left off. Singer Weeks adds, "The second album is definitely going to bring more of an in-depth Southern Rock sound, and it is going to show more of who we are as a band. Totally excited about thisone!"Saving Abel formed in Corinth, Mississippi in 2004. Four years later on March 11, 2008, the quintet's major label debut was released by EMI. One year and five days later on March 16, 2009, it was certified gold by the RIAA. As the mere existence of artist development is under attack, this story of establishing a career remains a bright spot within a landscape littered by casualties of a changing music industry and deep worldwide recession. As they emerged from the shadows cumulatively selling millions of digital downloads of singles which included "Addicted," "18 Days," and "Drowning (Face Down)," and enjoyed the certification of their debut, the band has laid the foundation for a long, successful future. The band is made up of a very distinct set of five lively guys, and the world is just beginning to get a clear picture of who they are as people and as a band. Singer Weeks offers, "The personality that Saving Abel has is one hell of a hard working, focused band that also knows how to have a good time. All of the guys are goofy (including me) but overall you can tell that each of us LOVE our job and wouldn't trade it for anything." He continues, "Scott Bartlett is a true lover of Southern rock; It shows in every note that he plays plus he loooves his Whiskey! Jason Null is totally dedicated to the cause of Rock and Roll and has motivated me at times when I just wanted to quit and go home. Eric Taylor is truly the heart of this band. He loves his job and it shows every day. Blake is the driving force of the band. He keeps us all motivated and focused on our goals, He's always practicing to make himself better, and because of that we are all a better band." Bartlett adds, "Blake is a closet songwriter. Jared's heart is perpetually on his sleeve. Jason could find a song lyric in book of illustrations. Eric could get along with the anti-christ if they had enough time to sort out their differences, and ultimately from my point of view we are simply redneck metal heads whose guilty pleasure is the rock ballad."The band's connection with its fans is undeniable. Weeks' perspective of taking ownership of the repertoire and frequently singing from the position of "I," "We" or "You," unquestionably contributed to this bond felt by the band's audience. There are not whimsical tales of fantasies, but relatable clear statements on the world and relationships as the band sees it. Weeks states, "Of course I write in the first person perspective, I like to put myself in situations (sometimes) because how else are you gonna reach people if you haven't been there. It helps when you're writing to actually relate to people. Emotion is what moves me and I feel like I get a connection with people when I write from the heart." Amongst the new repertoire on MISS AMERICA, Bartlett reveals, "we all contributed to the song writing process which means we could showcase our individual talents as well as how we play off each other." When asked which songs stand out to them individually, "Hell of a Ride" is mentioned specifically by Taylor, Dixon, and Bartlett. Taylor shared, "It has been one 'hell of a ride' the last couple of years for the five of us. This song puts it in perspective." Dixon continued, "The name alone describes where we are from and how far we've come. We may not always see eye to eye but we have seen the country together and soon the world." Weeks offers, "My favorite is 'I'm still Alive' because to me it speaks about being on the road and dealing with all the problems with facing another day as hard as it is to live this life." Null, mentions the ballad "Angel Without Wings," in sharing, "It was just good to hear that song come to life. It was the very first song I had ever written and just never finished it. " The songs on MISS AMERICA tackle some heavy themes, alongside others which are more lighthearted. Referencing the song "Secrets," Null shares, "I began writing that song from a life experience having being involved in a relationship that was kept as a secret from the beginning. I'm also a fan of JFK, and 32nd degree Mason, and was aware of the speech the President had given. Just thought it would be a cool addition to the song. In discussing the track's message Bartlett adds, "The road teaches you a lot about relationships and love and loss. We are all hypocrites to a certain degree. The song is about everyone." The band recorded a cover of CCR's "Have You Ever Seen The Rain," and amongst the many reasons why that selection was chosen, Bartlett's is most poignant, "We knew Jared's vocal would shine, and I knew I wanted to play pedal steel. Ultimately, it is the only song that CCR wrote together." Throughout the rise of Saving Abel, the band has always made time to support the service men and woman of the military, and as a group are deeply patriotic. Taylor shares, "every one of us has a family member that is either currently fighting or has fought for our freedom. We thank them and everyone who has put on a uniform to do so. As far as playing for the troops, it is an adrenaline rush to look out at thousands of men and women all dressed in camo jumping and yelling. We just returned from overseas where we played for the soldiers. It is an honor to go there and give them an hour of freedom after all they have done for us. Weeks adds, "No matter where we go or who we are playing in front of, we always make sure people knowthat from our perspective it is each and everyone's responsibility to support our troops. They do so much for us, they deserve to be recognized."Through this successful ride, the band has spent some time in and around NASCAR. Ironically, per Null, at both of the events they performed at, Weeks told the fans Jimmie Johnson would win, and he did, "A favorite NASCAR memory would be backstage in San Diego at Camp Pendleton. We were doing a show for the troops and their families with special NASCAR guest Jimmie Johnson (who is my favorite driver).Jimmie came backstage and hung out with us, spending most of the time 'quoting' lines from the show Eastbound and Down. He is a really funny guy, and I thought it was nice of him to come and spend some time with us. Made my day!!! Another was singing the National Anthem at the Fontana Speedway - Jimmie won that race that day!!!"A lot has transpired since the early history Dixon recalls, "when the band practiced in the gutted, hollowed out, single-wide trailer in Farmington, Mississippi, where more than half of our songs were written and or worked up, and the stories of drinking wine in Nulls dingy, mold infested basement." As Saving Abel looks towards the future, the years of collaboration has prepared the quintet for continued success largelyfueled by the inherent ability of this collective to write music that connects with an exponentially growing fan base. As they continue heading down this road, two things are for certain - success will come on their terms, and no matter how great it will be, these five men will be one in the same as the individuals who began this journey together back in 2004.

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