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Carolina Liar
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Carolina Liar Biography

In his day-to-day dealings with members of LA's music community, there are two things singer Chad Wolf has heard repeatedly. One involves praise for his songwriting skills, which seem to effortlessly tow the line between infectious, delectable pop and a deeper, darker rock discourse. The other: disbelief. How did your classic struggling musician, who toiled away at coffeehouse gigs for most of his adult life, end up on the receiving end of a deal with a major label? The story may seem far-fetched, some might even say too good to be true, but somewhere between accolades and accusations is honesty, which, ironically, is what Carolina Liar is all about. But now that he has the platform and support, Chad is giving Carolina Liar his all. And if, by name alone, he's mistaken for a Swede or a female, he really doesn't mind, as long as the songs get a fair shot. "The biggest thing I learned from working with Max is to not let yourself get in the way of a song," Chad muses. "Let it do its thing and live on its own. It can speak very loudly."

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