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Tyrone Wells
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Tyrone Wells Biography

Growing up a skinny preacher's kid in Spokane, Washington, Tyrone Wells was discouraged from listening to pop music and only exposed to gospel. Little did he know a decade later, the roots of soul would become a key element of his passionate, irresistible and utterly unique songs. Combining pop, soul, and rock, Tyrone sings about true love, war and heartbreak with equal power and sincerity, coming across as a voice for a generation that's both idealistic and confused. In his five years on the music scene as a singer-songwriter, he has evolved in an honest and organic manner, first scrambling for gigs and selling albums from the trunk of his car to eventually packing out The House of Blues and having his songs featured prominently on television programs. Wells' major label debut Hold On is a fresh release filled with new promises. The first single from the record "What Are We Fighting For?" exemplifies his ability to mingle different styles into a seamless composition. A pulsing rocker fueled by a love for R&B, the song blends organic acoustic guitar, choir vocals and chiming organ into a complete array of sound. Lyrically, "What Are We Fighting For?" is just as multifaceted, addressing subjects like the difficulty of relationship, racial reconciliation and the futility of war. Born the youngest of five children, and the only son, Tyrone grew up performing in the shadows of sisters who were accomplished. Belying his present on-stage ease, he recalls that paralyzing stage fright almost kept him out of the spotlight. "I knew I had a lot of fear in my eyes. I just kept getting up, embarrassing myself and doing it again, then one day it all came together." By early 2006, Wells was regularly selling out Los Angeles clubs like the House of Blues, The Viper Room, Troubadour and The El Rey Theatre and people in the music business were taking notice. Now signed to Universal Republic Records, Tyrone is touring full-time and his infectious, soulful voice and undeniable songs are being introduced to people all over the country. Wells said, "Whether I'm in a coffee-shop down the street or on a national tour, I'm grateful to be doing what I love." Hold On, Snapshot and close: live at McClain's are available in stores and online at iTunes.

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