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Suburban Legends
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Suburban Legends Biography

Out of the cultural holocaust of Orange County comes the superhero-like brilliance of Suburban Legends. Six recklessly handsome boys have devoted their lives to creating a glorious variety pack of pop music, all for your enjoyment. So put down those antidepressants and forget what's waiting on TIVO because it's time to enjoy a pop adrenaline rush. The story of the Suburban Legends began when the lads were in high school. While teenagers with instruments and too much spare time is usually a disaster, something went horribly right for these boys. Realizing that the ladies love a guy in a band, the boys began playing everywhere and anywhere. Show after show, they built up a local following of loyal devotees. In their early days, a hypnotic upstroke guitar and horn driven sound defined these boys, as evident in their first full length release, "Rump Shaker". The Suburban Legends exceeded the energy of their recorded music with a live show so forceful as to back their performance with choreographed dancing, back flips, improvised raps, and full stage theatrics. Local clubs could not contain the fervor and Suburban Legends found themselves playing to thousands of tourists and fans at Disneyland. In the fantasy world of Disney, the legend of the Suburban Legends created hysteria and the boys moved to larger and larger stages. With international appeal on the horizon, the boys took to the road. Over the course of five years of nonstop touring, Suburban Legends have played over a thousand shows and won over audiences in North America and Europe, playing with such bands as Fall Out Boy, Bowling for Soup, Head Automatica, Reel Big Fish, Sugarcult, and countless other rock, punk, and indie acts. Their dashing good looks have also been seen on national television, as Suburban Legends have played the Jerry Lewis Telethon for the past four years and recently appeared on G4's Attack of the Show. Suburban Legends merge the flare and theatrics of a boy band with the bravado of the most ostentatious rock group, and round it all out with a heartfelt front man whose vocals bring tears to ears. Composing the hexagon of the Suburban Legends is Vincent Walker singing vocals, Brian "The King" Klemm rocking guitar, Mike Hachey strumming the bass, Derek Lee Rock beating the drums, Brian Robertson on the trombone, and Luis Beza working the trumpet. While their first release sold tens of thousands of units without the support of a label, their new material is poised for greater heights. With soul, pop, rock, and phunk in their hearts, their latest release, "Dance Like Nobody's Watching," is an even more eclectic attempt at greatness. Japan will soon get a taste of this American sensation with the release an eleven song album, "Dance Like Noboby's Watching - Tokyo Nights", composed of their greatest hits and exclusive tracks. So get ready to shake your booty because Suburban Legends are the new guilty pleasures you've been waiting for!

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