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From final exams and graduation to rocking the stage with the likes of Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco, it's easy to see that a promising future lies in store for The Cab-and their debut disc turn the heads and impress rockers and pop aficionados alike. "We have some songs that sound like Michael Jackson songs and some songs that sound like traditional pop rock songs with a little bit of soul, but overall the record has a lot of different styles to it," explains DeLeon. It's true. From the unapologetically soulful pop jam "Bounce" and "High Hopes In Velvet" to guitar driven pop-punk anthems like "Take My Hand" and "ZZZZZZ," Whisper War is a collection of upbeat songs that are so instantly infectious that you'll have the album imprinted on your brain after just a few cursory listens. "Right now this town is for the taking," DeLeon sings on the album's final track "The City Is Contagious," and when you think about it, that same attitude can be applied toward the songs on Whisper War and the band's imminent worldwide domination. So how do The Cab feel about their whirlwind success story so far? "I don't know if it's sunk in to me yet," DeLeon responds. "A couple of years ago, I was a kid going to local shows and waiting for hours to see Fall Out Boy and it's so surreal being signed by the people I look up to," he summarizes. "Everyone over there has been so welcoming and it really is like one big family; we couldn't ask for anything more."

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