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Epica Dates

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Epica Biography

No other act has taken the genre of symphonic metal to such momentous creative heights as EPICA. Formed in the Netherlands in 2002 and fronted by the charismatic vocalist Simone Simons, EPICA’s story has evolved beyond everything expected from a symphonic metal outfit. With a fresh and sublime balance between bombastic yet catchy orchestral grandeur and pure Metal grit, EPICA will guide you into their compelling multidimensional maze.

After the band’s first release in 2003, one album after the other started to exceed fan expectations and press acclamation all over the world. EPICA has been growing year after year, tour after tour and album after album. Now, after their seventh release The Holographic Principle the undeniably technical and secretly brutal symphonic sextet has brought itself into a dimension of fiery headline shows in every corner of the planet, an ever-growing live production and an unstoppable expanding legion of loyal fans.

By combining a vast amount of music styles, true musicianship and nothing but genuine devotion towards themselves and their fans, EPICA has pushed all boundaries on what symphonic metal is supposed to be.


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