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Fishbone Biography

Fishbone lives up to their legend as "THE" group to bridge the gap between the funk of George Clinton and the blare of Rush; a hybrid fusion where Led Zeppelin and Sly Stone dance to a frenetic ska beat that fuel's the alternative thrust of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane's Addiction and the cast of Lollapalooza. From their childhood together in the hardcore South Central Los Angeles wasteland to years of forced school-bused integration, Fishbone's influences were kaleidoscopic and never-ending. The band was formed in 1979 in the ghettos of South Central Los Angeles. The group came from the same Los Angeles scene that spawned the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction. Fishbone first gained attention with their unique live concerts, earning a reputation as one of the most original bands in the alternative genre. Their unique stew of different styles, mixed with hectic energy and pounding rhythms, were a huge influence on the funk/rock/metal/rap genre that would become popular in the 1990s. Live audiences around the world have been surrendering to the band's stage flash and magical rhythms with uninterrupted regularity. Such passionate devotion is not lost on Fishbone, who refer to their friends on the road as "The Familyhood." Fishbone's dedicated fan base is, for the most part, happy to travel down whatever musical path the musicians pursue. Fishbone's dedicated fan base is, for the most part, happy to travel down whatever musical path the musicians pursue. The current line up (Norwood Fisher, Angelo Moore, John Steward, Dre Gipson , Rocky George, Curtis Story and John McKnight) have a new album recorded. Fishbone's 8th record in 20 years, "Still Stuck in Your Throat" will make it's USA debut on March 27, 2007. This Current lineup has steered Fishbone into a unique Jazzy/Gospel feel that has to be seen live to understand how a band could be considered "jazzy/ska/gospel/punk-rock/reggae" to quote Angelo Moore when asked to describe Fishbone's newest direction. Attention seems to be returning to the band as they appeared on 'Look At All The Love We Found: A Tribute to Sublime' with an amazing and energetic cover of 'Date Rape'. Their version of the song has recieved airplay on radio stations nation wide across the US and a film clip has been made. They also appear as the house band in Outkast's movie, "Idlewild" as well as a Christina Aguilera video. You can also see them in David Arquette's directorial debut, "The Tripper".

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