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Sister Hazel
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Sister Hazel Biography

Sometimes it takes time to get back to the basics, get back to ones roots, and build up the important things. For Sister Hazel, it's always been about the music, but over the course of their decade-plus music making career, it has expanded beyond that to incorporate so much more. They've maintained their unerring focus and desire to help, to share, to include, and to grow -- be it through their music or through other means -- all the while stretching their musical umbrella to cover what has become a true community. At the basis of that umbrella is the music, and their latest, and perhaps best-realized Sister Hazel record start to finish, is aptly named Absolutely. The affirmative overtones of the title only serve to underscore the pride the band justly feels with the end result. In the most non-egotistical way possible, I feel this is the best record we've ever made, says rhythm guitarist/vocalist Drew Copeland. Concurs bassist Jett Beres: We're journeymen and we've focused on creating a cathartic experience for our fans. We want our fans to feel what were feeling, so the lyrics are really important. Equally important is capturing that elusive live show magic, and Beres feels that they've succeeded in coming closer to doing that. This record captures our live show vibe well. We've been fortunate with our success, says Block. As a band, we've always put writing songs that we believe in, putting on powerful live shows, and being passionate about our craft at the top. Trojanowski attributes their longevity to a simple concept: When you set yourself up as a band, a democracy, it lasts longer. That equal partnership is key. Over time, the band has grown a lifestyle and fan community via touring, fan interaction, and charity work, yet the all-important music provides the soundtrack for it all. Whether you call it roots rock or American rock, the music Sister Hazel makes is definitely not alternative or modern rock; they are not emo, screamo, anything-core or flavor-of-the-moment. Their music is solid and satisfying, comfortable and easy, like old friends and family. Absolutely perfect and absolutely Sister Hazel.

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