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Blueprint Dates

Sorry, there are no Blueprint dates.

Blueprint Biography

Blueprint rhymes. Blueprint does beats.

He is from Columbus, OH. He started a label called Weightless Recordings in 1999. They sold tapes. One of the tapes was from his crew Greenhouse Effect. Blueprint rhymes on and produces Greenhouse Effect records. Then he produced three Illogic albums. He's serious about his production. He met a guy named RJD2, who was also from Columbus. RJ did beats too, really good ones. They did music together and started a crew called Soul Position. Soul Position has released three records. Blueprint didnt have to produce any of these records because RJ is good at production. These records all came out on Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Blueprint has released one solo record. It's called 1988 because he likes that year. He produced it himself. Blueprint also did an instrumental record called Chamber Music, and a production record called The WeightRoom. These records are harder to find than his other releases, but if you are a fan of his and want to get all his albums you can buy them here. There is a FREE Greenhouse Effect album you can download just by clicking on the album cover on the left side of this page that he insist you download. Hell, its free. Take it and spread it around.


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