The 2015 Westword Music Showcase offers small, but solid hip-hop line-up.
The 2015 Westword Music Showcase offers small, but solid hip-hop line-up.
Westword Music Showcase | Used with permission

The Westword Music Showcase brings hundreds of bands to perform in Denver’s Golden Triangle district each year, most hailing from Colorado. The event, which is bolstered as “a celebration of our state's vibrant music scene,” has been known to display an array Denver’s most noteworthy talent. In year’s past, this has included many hip-hop acts, so many that the genre was often represented on numerous stages. This year’s event, which is scheduled for Saturday, June 20, looks a little different, regarding hip hop representation. With no national acts and far fewer local artists than in past years, it is reflective of the waning hip-hop coverage in the weekly magazine.

The main stage line-up is comprised with more eclectic, independent bands including: Flume, The Black Angels, MisterWives, Rober DeLong, Wave Racer, and Roadkill Ghost Choir. Past events have included P.O.S., 2 Chainz and Macklemore as headliners, but this year’s event, at least at present time, remains rapper free.

The first round of local announcements offers a few heavy hitters, and also a couple who haven’t played a WMS before, which is a refreshing change. The first wave includes:

  • Babah Fly
  • Bianca Mikahn
  • Cory Kendrix
  • Filthy T
  • FL
  • Koo Qua
  • SF1
  • Wheelchair Sports Camp

Tickets are available now in both general admission and VIP. Those that purchase the VIP wristband will receive two few beverages, a meal ticket, Mike’s Harder sunglasses, use of VIP lounges and access to all participating venues. Buy tickets here.