Watch: Modest Mouse share crazy new video

Modest Mouse has a new video out for their song “The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box”, and it is rather crazy. At the same time, the new video seems to be a parody of HBO hit show Game of Thrones.

In an article released on Wednesday, the video shows lead singer Isaac Brock sitting on a tree stump as his throne with scepter made up of a broken light bulb. He is in the middle of a deforested land and other rulers dwelling within it, some look more like wizards than rulers.

The video is very similar to Game of Thrones in the sense that it depicts many rulers trying to outdo each other. However, the video, unlike the show, has its characters displaying grotesque face expressions.

In the end, the video is quite insane and displays insane images that are also dismal, as if trying to emit some message about rulers fighting to rule a destroyed world. Modest Mouse might also be trying to convey that the world is destroyed thanks to these rulers who are backstabbing each other constantly, similar to what happens in Game of Thrones.

According to another report, the recording of this new album by the indie rock group almost made lead vocals Isaac Brock go crazy. The singer claims that it was hard work and the time it took to make the album was too much.Maybe that is why the band's new video is so insane! Still, it is entertaining to watch.

Anyway, the new album by Modest Mouse called Strangers to Ourselves was new work since their last in 2007. The band has been touring and is reported that it has plenty of show left this year to promote their new album. These shows include WayHome Music and Arts Festival, Riot Fest’s in Chicago and Denver, Austin City Limits, and many more.