Watch Grandaddy's haunting music video for 'A Lost Machine'

On Dec. 2, Modesto, California-based indie rock band Grandaddy released a music video for their new song “A Lost Machine.” The track is the third single from the group’s forthcoming album Last Place, their first new record since 2006’s Just Like the Fambly Cat. Like many of the band’s best songs, “A Lost Machine” deals with profound feelings of technological-induced anxiety and alienation. In what might be a nod to the fact that lead singer Jason Lytle is now firmly ensconced in middle age, the song also has a sense of resignation about the inevitable.

The ‘”A Lost Machine” clip does a great job of reflecting the song’s themes. It opens with some analog visual artifacts before resolving into an image of a lush birch forest. As the camera pans along the static landscape, a couple of shimmering white silhouettes appear and walk through the scene. After a few minutes of pleasant togetherness, the couple inexplicable separate. That action eventually causes the whole scene t degrade into nothingness. Although the band has been working on Last Place since 2015, it’s remarkable how “A Lost Machine” echoes the frightful and bleak nature of 2016.

Last Place is due out March 7, 2017.