WATCH: Celine Dion proves she's better than the best with 'Tonight Show' impressions
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Last year, Ariana Grande knocked it out of the park with her spot-on imitation skills on “The Tonight Show.” Last night (Juy 21), her Celine rendition got the formal seal of approval from the diva herself when Celine Dion told Jimmy Fallon, “She’s so good. I love her!”

And then it was her turn to channel music personas as the latest contestant on the show's “Wheel of Musical Impressions” segment. Dion was apprehensive at first, but quickly embraced the challenge with her first imitation: of Cher doing "Frére Jacques." She nailed the low notes (and facial expressions) before segueing into “Believe.”

For Fallon’s first round (“I don’t think I can top any of that!”) he gave us Michael Jackson performing Drake’s “One Dance.” Dion was all in at this point, rallying the host with an intro and providing backup vocals over his punchy impression.

Next up for Dion was Rihanna doing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” a challenge that required she take to her feet. She sang the ditty in the tune of Rihanna’s “Work,” while rocking some risque dance moves. Soon Fallon cut her off: “Whoa, whoa whoa, Rihanna, kids are watching!” to which she wryly hit back, “You were telling me to imitate people.” Duh, Jimmy.

Fallon did his best Johnny Cash (while Dion set the scene with some masterful horse impressions), before the diva wrapped with her biggest challenge yet: Sia doing “Hush, Little Baby.” She, unsurprisingly, nailed it, even with her face behind her hair.

Check out the video above to see Dion channel several music sensations like it's no big deal.