Upcoming alt-rock trio Vaureen drop new EP 'Violence'
Vaureen Band via Youtube

Brooklyn grunge/alt-rock trio Vaureen take listeners back to the days of flannel and Generation X on their new EP Violence. The three track EP is short and straight to the point making it a perfect display for what the band is all about. Opening track "Tough Guys" perfectly shows off their grunge vibe with its gritty guitars and sleepy sounding vocals. Though they may not be yelling and screaming in your face, this doesn't mean these girls play nice. Things get mean on the aggressive and attitude filled "Evil." The song scratches that hard rock itch with a wall of fuzzy guitars and raw power. The closing track "Before the Rectangles Take Over" continues the band's grunge rock, sleepy grooves, but mix in a dose of stoner rock thank to its hypnotic vibes. The Violence EP is definitely a love letter to early 90s alt-rock and it's clear, Vaureen knows how to deliver it well. The Violence EP is out now. Grab a copy here

Vaureen, which is a play on the French term for "deviant," formed in 2011 when founding members Andrea Horne and Marianne Do met at a digital agency in New York. The two bonded over their desire to escape the mundane through music. They took their influences, which include The Breeders, Witch, and PJ Harvey, and started writing music together. They cemented the group's current lineup with the addition of drummer Cale Hand in 2015. They dropped their debut EP, Dirty Floor, the same year.