Unique art tour experiences around New York City

The sheer range of art on view in New York City is staggering. Far from being intimidating, visitors should embrace the panoply of artistic impulses and enlist the best guides to lead the charge. In this art metropolis, there are too many options to settle for an average experience when you can find an exceptional, one of a kind experience. A far cry from the regular walk, stare, and move on tour format, these four unique tours give guests a unique, insightful, and fun look at the arts around you.

1. Museum Hack

A young and invigorating look at some of New York’s (and the world’s) biggest museum collections, Museum Hack takes a look at some of the quirky, hidden and unconventional treasures of the Metropolitan Museum and the American Museum of Natural History. Drawing from the expertise of a series of enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guides, Museum Hack tours are customized and take you anywhere but the ordinary.

2. Levy's Unique Tour of Brooklyn graffiti hotspots

The Levy Brothers were born and raised in Brooklyn, so they know what it feels like to get no sleep ‘til Brooklyn—art gems, that is! Touring through up and coming art beacons like Red Hook and Bushwick to look up close at the burgeoning street art scene with Levy's Unique New York Tours, after this adventure you’ll never think about murals the same again. The crux of this engaging tour is its ability to capture the eclectic nature of Brooklyn’s enclaves. Taking a look at the ever-changing arts mecca that is Brooklyn will show you how sweet it is.

3. Municipal Art Society Tours

The Municipal Art Society (MAS) Tours tout the organization's mission to promote meaningful urban design through highlighting the best New York City has to offer. With 60 years of experience, the MAS strive to keep tours in and around NYC landmarks invigorating and interesting, highlighting little-known historical footnotes and documenting disappearing or emerging neighborhoods. Artistic and architectural gems come standard with these varied and multicultural tours, giving a glimpse of the arts and culture embedded across the five boroughs of this prismatic and international metropolis.

4. Art Muse

What is compelling about Art Muse is its offer to engage either adults, children or families with relevant, interesting tours of art galleries, museums and special events. Paying special attention to seasonal art festivals and fairs, Art Muse takes a thematic approach, providing a close look at one temporal art experience or a cluster of related entities. Just varied enough without being too broad, tours provide a balanced look for a wide audience and cater to age-specific needs as well. The perfect balanced approach.

When visiting New York City and taking a tour of the changing arts landscape, entrusting your time to experts who know how to find fun in any art period is crucial for an exciting art tour. Unique yet meaningful, these trips are not worth passing up. Who knows? Maybe next time you're in town you can give native New Yorkers an art lesson or two.