Datura4 proves good rock is not extinct on 'Hairy Mountain'
Alive Records

If you heard Datura4's last album Demon Blues, you heard an album that was heavy with psychedelic sounds as well as some groovy guitar that sounded like it was transported direct from the 70s. Well, the band has a new album entitled Hairy Mountain, and you're in for more of the same goodness as on the last album.

The album opens with the fuzzy guitar intro of "Fools Gold Rush" that sounds a lot like the psychedelic sounds of the late 60s. The melody of this song rocks, but it also makes you want to sink into a beanbag chair with your favorite beverage while you soak up the sounds.

If you want some of the muscle that was the signature of the 70s, then "Mary Carroll Park" is the song for you. This song not only has the loud and groovy guitar, but also a rhythm that will have you pumping your fist. This is a song that begs to be blared from the windows of a 1970 Dodge Charger on an open highway. The only problem with that is that especially during the instrumental break you might want to break out your air guitar while you drive.

While the band definitely rocks, it also believes in music with a message. "Greedy World" is a good example. The subject of this song is someone who has a penthouse suite and a mansion by the sea, among many other things like an ivory back scratcher. Not surprisingly, the subject of the song proudly declares that he is worth a trillion dollars and "that's not enough for me." All of this commentary is provided in a bluesy melody that would probably make fellow Australians AC/DC proud. 

Good rock and roll albums have become a bit of a rarity, but Datura4 shows that good rock and roll albums have not become extinct. If you're a fan of psychedelic rock ("Trolls" will definitely fill your need for psychedelia) and groove rock of the 70s, you will love this album. Just do yourself one favor and crank the volume when you listen to it. You'll be glad you did. Hairy Mountain is available from Alive Naturalsound Records on October 28.