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Skindred Biography

RAGGA PUNK METAL! Skindred is quite simply unlike anything you've heard. Elements of Metal, Dancehall, Punk, and Drum & Bass, all swirling into a concoction of lethal addictiveness. Their debut CD Babylon was produced by Howard Benson (Papa Roach, Hoobastank, P.O.D), mixed by Rick Will (INCUBUS) and has to be one of the most important and impressive releases in heavy rock in years. In an era of fakes, frauds and imitators, Skindred delivers.


Skindred has already been winning over crowds worldwide with their intense RAGGA METAL sound. This band makes Metalheads, Punks and Dreadheads rock out to the same song; this is the true meaning of unity sound. Skindred are always busy writing & recording, and have built up quite an arsenal of Ragga Punk Classics. Oppurtunites to share the stage with bands such as Korn, Sevendust, Nonpoint, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Voodoo Glow Skulls, POD, Soulfly (to name but a few), has allowed the band to build a rapidly growing international fanbase.


With songs like Nobody, Set It Off, Pressure and Selector this band is so far apart from the pack that any attempt to describe or categorize them is an exercise in futility. If Barrington Levy joined Pantera, where Bounty Killa met The Police, where Sublime met System Of A Down, you would find the sonic landscape Skindred calls home. US based label Lava Records leapt at the chance to sign Skindred; they offered the band a worldwide deal, which involved pushing their debut album BABYLON to all far reaches of the earth. "We firmly believe this band could change the face of rock music. Once in a very, very long while a band like Skindred comes along with a record this imaginative, fresh and cutting edge" said Jason Bieler of US management company, Bieler Group.


"For Skindred, its all about the Music, Education, Entertainment and 100% vibes. We deliver our live set more like a reggae sound system than a metal band but the punches power and hard heavy weight guitars hit just as nasty. All we try to do is bounce up the building, set the pit off making the place buzz with X-sightment, Dread heads rock metal heads skank and when we finish with the stage, YOU DONE KNOW that SKINDRED RULE the Original Ragga-Metal style." - Benji Webbe, Singer.


You'll have to look far & wide to find a band that encapsulates so many diverse styles, and unites different schools and cultures of music under one roof. In a desperate time where music fans are tired of the medio-core, starved for something new & striking, Skindred are the force that could sweep all generic adversaries aside.

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