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Fiona Allen
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Fiona Allen Biography

Double Emmy Award winner and star of Smack The Pony is doing her first ever show.

Like most working mums, since her children were born she didn't have a moment for herself. Now free, she has tried new hobbies, new places, even attempting to get fit.

Difficult when your spirit animal is a sloth. With nowhere left to turn she went on the road as a stand-up.

A show about family, marriage, and things that truly annoy her. It's a show for everyone, even those passive- aggressive school mums.

“Her candid and relatable humour creates an atmosphere of shared laughter making the entire performance an enjoyable comedic hour” EdFest Reviews
“Allen makes for confident and appealingly barbed company” The Guardian
“Punchlines delivered with a wicked, cutting execution” The Scotsman
“Every woman in this audience cheers her on and secretly males plans to jump into a suitcase and join her!” The List
“Allen sets to her job with unrelenting fluency, she is thoroughly professional” The Times


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