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Dexter and The Moonrocks
Dexter and The Moonrocks Dates
Sat 27 Jul 2024 - 20:30 PDT
The Showbox, Seattle, WA
Thu 17 Oct 2024 - 20:00 CDT
with Edgehill
Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI

Dexter and The Moonrocks Biography

Hailing from Abilene, Texas, Dexter and The Moonrocks have carved a unique niche in the music scene with their innovative blend of Southern Alternative, red-dirt country, and alternative rock, creating a genre their fans affectionately call "Western SpaceGrunge." The band, consisting of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist James Tuffs, lead guitarist and vocal harmonizer Ryan Anderson, bassist Ty Anderson, and drummer and vocal harmonizer Fox, combines influences from a wide range of artists, including Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and Whiskey Myers, to produce a sound that is both earth-shattering and introspective.

The group's debut single, "Couch," released in August 2021, was a significant hit, captivating audiences with its unique sound. This success was followed by their self-titled EP, featuring standout tracks like “Where I Steer” and “Behave,” which received overwhelmingly positive responses. Dexter and The Moonrocks' music, characterized by its raw energy, storytelling traditions, and a touch of alien influence, resonates with themes of love, loss, and the human experience.

Their most recent singles, "Birds and the Bees" and “Autopilot, furthered the throughline of their unique blend of moody lyrics and explosive musical style that's become a staple of their artistry. Now, the band looks toward significant growth in 2024, releasing their debut single, “She Likes Girls” partnered with newly launched Severance Records. An official version of a demo that fans adored from 2022, The Moonrocks explore what it feels like to be told you’re not enough, but someone else is. With a storyline about a guy who’s been left by his girlfriend (for another girl), the sentiment of reconciling heartbreak - and the self-destructive tendencies that permeate from it - continue to give fans a playground to find commonality in shared hurt, and the chance to scream at the top of their lungs.

This year, Dexter and The Moonrocks prepare for their launch to success. With an electrifying bank of upcoming music, a dynamic digital presence, and a potent team, these Western Space Grunge rockstars look to continue making new fans and serve them by delivering the modern-day tone of what they’re starving for these days: authentic, relatable music that lets people have a voice to feel seen.


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