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Flohio Biography

The rapper, singer-songwriter, party starter and artist extraordinaire is the table-shaking, fiercely independent titan carving out a unique lane for herself in music; that of a disruptor. A unique figure utilising the infectious sounds of UK music – everything from sparse grime to immersive, trippy house - to deliver visceral, high-energy rap anthems for a generation.  2022’s acclaimed debut album “Out of Heart” was an opus brimming with brutal honesty and euphoric production, elevating FLOHIO’s lyrical steez. An album that was almost two years in the making, its creation was fastened by the pandemic and its ensuing lockdown, forcing FLOHIO to halt her hectic touring schedule and renew her creative devices. Across 12 tracks, executively produced by industrial hip-hop innovators God Colony and Speech, it reveals the most vulnerable yet enduring version of FLOHIO. The result is a debut album flourishing with artistic poise, an elegant exploration of UK rap and its fringes.

‘Out Of Heart’ was a career-defining statement set to propel FLOHIO into the stratosphere,  met with widespread critical praise and cover features with NOISEY,  BEAT and most recently Heroine magazine.

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