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Hælos Biography

Some things come together immediately. Others take a little time. HÆLOS – known individually as Dom Goldsmith, Lotti Benardout and Daniel Vildosola – fall into the latter bracket. Founded in late 2014 the band became independent artists in 2020 and have found relief in the freedom that comes from being allowed to take their time.  Each one of their vividly cinematic tracks seems to map the long journey from desperation to relief, stress to sanctuary – the basic dynamic of all urban life. If London tends to be a meandering, alienating hometown, there is a looming sense to HÆLOS’ music of a band – of three people – having found each other. Eventually.

“Even before we met one another, each of us had worked independently in the music industry for a decade.” Says Daniel. “It’s that mutual respect for each other’s hard earned skills that forms the corner-stone of our creative relationship.”

Calling to mind the same deserted dawn high streets stalked by the music of Massive Attack, Portishead and the rest of those electronic artists who spent the 90s finding the catharsis after the rave, each track HÆLOS make sounds like a ritual; a way to cope. In a world that has forgotten about the chillout room, those rituals and coping strategies are more vital than ever.
“I guess at the heart of it we are always trying to capture that feeling you get at 5AM,” says Lotti. “Being with close friends after a night out, treading that fine line between darkness and euphoria, fear and love.
That's a time that some of our favourite music gets put on.”

If HÆLOS music bears traces of its influences, it also possesses an undeniable contemporary zeal. Look around you. How much ever changes, really? The same piles of litter and god-knows-what, the same deserted dawn high streets. And people of any age are always there, trudging through the late-night rubble, indulging the urge to leave the house and not return until they have found the edges of the night. And the one thing you need more than anything else after finding those edges will never change, either. It’s soul, and HÆLOS have stacks of it – it’s sore, it’s overworked, it’s overmedicated. But despite the night’s best efforts, it is undeniably there.

“Our songwriting process often takes time,” says Dom, “basically waiting for skill to catch up with imagination. It’s so important that the music is evocative and that although we are considered an ‘electronic’ band, the production always sounds live, like you share the room with the arrangement, like you are in the room.”

The band have weathered the storms that early hype can bring musicians. Approaching the close of their first decade and they have toured across the globe, building a loyal and deeply connected fan base. From Coachella to Glastonbury, Lollapalooza to Pitchfork Festival - HÆLOS have had the privilege of being invited to perform their mesmerising live show on some of the World’s most prestigious stages. As headliners they have toured North America, Europe and Australia many times, garnering a reputation as one of the finest live acts around.


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