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Andy White
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Andy White Biography

Belfast songwriter Andy White’s new album 'This garden is only temporary' is on vinyl release and he’s touring the UK and Ireland next January for his first shows since before the pandemic.

Touring Canada, Andy met LA producer Steve Dierkens. They hit it off and these songs came together in Calgary, Melbourne, and Belfast. They feature Andy’s long-time collaborator Rod McVey on keys and Kent Mcrae on drums. Arriving. Meeting. Home. Leaving. Tiny movements we make on a planet spinning round the sun. This garden is only temporary.

Andy first arrived as a punk poet with an acoustic guitar and debut album Rave on Andy White, recently reissued in a deluxe vinyl edition. Since then he has toured the world many times over, recording with Sinead O'Connor and Billy Bragg, and writing with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Allison Russell and Neil and Tim Finn.


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