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Kevin Johansen
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Kevin Johansen Biography

The Argentine-American alt-rock superstar has been blending styles, lyrics and languages for nearly 40 years. Alongside the release of his new album Kevin heads on a world tour, stopping by in London on his way through Latin America, the U.S.A and Europe.
Kevin’s first London show in five years will see him perform from a long list of beautiful songs drsawing on his love of popular music from Fairbanks, Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, in styles ranging through cumbias, tangos and milongas to chanson.
Fun, deep, playful, intelligent and thoughtful are just a few adjectives we could use to define his music. An international artist with a solid band forged throughout the years creates one of the most complete shows you’ll see not just in Argentina but around the world.
In December 2021 he released a first preview of his new studio album, a duet with David Byrne entitled Last night I was dreaming with you, an English translation of his hit Anoche soñé contigo.
In March this year he released a second single from the album, this time with Jorge Drexler, a “candombera” and “rioplatense” version of the classic song Suzanne by Leonard Cohen. In April he released a third track, Tú Ve, a duet with Natalia Lafourcade.
Tú Ve, the album, re-invents songs of others, and invites the listener to be a direct witness to what happens “inside”. The album was produced by Juan Campodónico and features guest artists including David Byrne, Natalia Lafourcade, Jorge Drexler, Rubén Rada and Silvia Pérez Cruz.

‘Random, witty and sometimes reckless, the songs are as catchy as they come and Johansen a naturally engaging storyteller.’ – The Independent
‘Whether in English or Spanish the much-travelled singer’s left-field take on Latin music is quite beautiful.’ – The Observer


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