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Buds. // Clay Lake // Breakfast With Bears // Fashion Blind
Buds. // Clay Lake // Breakfast With Bears // Fashion Blind Dates

Sorry, there are no Buds. // Clay Lake // Breakfast With Bears // Fashion Blind dates.

Buds. // Clay Lake // Breakfast With Bears // Fashion Blind Biography

Buds. :
Buds. are an alternative punk band from Basingstoke UK making songs to make you smile in spite of your dread. In 2019 they released their debut self-titled EP on Ol' Boat Records showcasing a sound that calls back to pop punk, emo and grunge music with melancholy lyrics masked in upbeat anthemic headbanging music. In 2021 they released their follow up EP, Full on Beth Shalom Records.
In their time as a band, Buds have been seen on bills supporting Holding Absence, Gender Roles, Cultdreams, Haggard Cat, Press to Meco and Drug Church as well as toured the UK with H_ngm_n and Brutalligators.

Clay Lake:
Clay Lake are an explosive midwest emo band from the West Mids; garnished with guttural vocals shimmering melodies with a meloncholy jus. A spearhead artist in a growing underground UK scene, Clay Lake take stylistic inspiration from across the pond - in bands such as American Football and Tiny Moving Parts - to make west-mid emo.

Breakfast With Bears:
Breakfast With Bears is a five piece alternative punk rock band based in London. Driven by electric guitars, powerful drum beats and melancholy vocals, reminiscent of early emo bands. Rocketing into the music scene in 2021 Breakfast With Bears write "sad songs about LGBTQ+ issues

Fashion Blind:
Born out of student flats in London in 2018 and subsequently forged in bars, clubs, and independent music venues around the city and beyond, Fashion Blind trade in creative riffs and rhythms, punk spirit, catchy alt-rock hooks, and satirical (yet personal) lyricism. Over the last three years, their unique style and penchant for energetic live shows has left them with both an enthusiastic cult following and a catalogue of standout songs. - Jack Hardiman (Journalist from MOPE and Already Heard)

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