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Gims Biography

Gims is the music Genius that is a rapper, singer, producer and founder of the French Universal Music Subsidiary Monstre Marin Corporation. He is the most played artist in French radio and has sold over 5 million albums. His first solo album ‘Subliminal’ became a huge success with a million copies sold in France,  He followed the success of his first album with two other extremely successful albums - ‘Mon cœur avait raison’ and ‘Ceinture noire’.

During his career, he has collaborated with a number of renowned artists from around the world including Pitbull, Lil Wayne, French Montana, Stromae, Maluma and Sting. Earlier in his career the record-breaking breaking artist broke the stereotype that rappers couldn’t sing. When he first started his career, the rap game was all about toughness and masculinity and singing was something more elegant and feminine. So when Gims dared to do it, not only did he break down the stereotype, he set a trend and succeeded at it.  In 2018 The hit-making artist ranked at No2 on the French music list for having the best music sales in France. Gims “Fuego tour“ has played in 52 cities in France and Europe in six months.

Gims ended his Fuego Tour at the Stade de France, the biggest French stadium maing him the first French urban artist to grace the Stade de France stage validating why many call him the French voice of his generation.

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