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Filthy Fellas
Filthy Fellas Dates

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Filthy Fellas Biography

Born from a trend-setting YouTube format that changed the way football was talked about for a generation and then the sudden lockdown, the first of its kind, wherein original entertainment was hard to come by, the FilthyFellas created a daily live show where they could debate the little football news that was available while also taking-on life, music, culture and their friendships at large.

A union of social media elite, the team of Poet, Stevo The Madman, Savage Dan, Harry Pinero, Lippy, Margs, Loons, Jordy, Miles, Specs Gonzalez, PK Humble, Skits and producer Tego Sigel converted their remote Filthy @ Five format into a studio show and became one of the standout sensations of that COVID period.

With huge viral moments across social media and a locked in international audience, the weekly hour-long Filthy @ Five format has become a mainstay in football and youth culture. A place where stars are born and nurtured, the talent roster is unlike any other other in the UK.

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