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Richard Turner
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Richard Turner Biography

Multiple award-winner and Magic Castle Hall of Fame inductee Richard Turner is the world's greatest Card Mechanic whose skills cannot be replicated, according to experts and scientists from esteemed centres of learning that include Harvard and the University of Moscow. Turner’s skills leave audiences astonished beyond comprehension! His peers acknowledge that he is a master of his craft, and that Richard manipulates a deck of cards like no other human being on the planet.

He developed his unique abilities and trademark techniques by practicing 14 hours a day, seven days a week, for many decades. Richard’s outward skills with playing cards, his humour, poise, confidence, and eloquence are incomparable. He is a global celebrity who is a recognized Fortune 500 keynote speaker with clients such as IBM, Apple, Bank of America, Facebook, Ford, Exxon, Google, Harley Davidson, Pepsi Co, Samsung and many more.  In addition to these companies, Richard has entertained millions of people including notables like Johnny Carson, Bob Hope, Brad Pitt, Colin Powell (US Secretary of State) and Muhammad Ali. Turner also has a Black Belt Master Ranking Sixth Degree in Wado Kai-style Karate, a feat that he achieved in 2012. His amazing 1984 1st degree black belt test was so gruelling that it was televised and featured on the front page of the Los Angeles Times Sports Section.

But what makes all of Turner’s accomplishments truly incredible is that he is blind and has been since childhood. Thankfully, he discovered at an early age that being blind empowered him with an ability to develop an enhanced sense of touch that, when he picked up a deck of cards, changed his life forever. “I developed my “mind’s eye” to an exceptional degree,” Turner explains, “and I tested myself through the risky mental and physical challenges of martial arts fighting, shark hunting, cliff-diving, tightrope-walking, trapeze swinging, and the high-stakes of underworld gambling.”


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