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Allthingsmata Biography

ALLTHINGSMATA was born in a crypt beneath St John’s Churchyard in Tower Bridge. The London-based talent has been described musically as a ‘dark Prince’. Writer, producer and performer Luis Felber sneers at such lazy comic book comparisons but part of him doesn't mind because he sees Prince as an inspiration, especially for his guitar playing. ALLTHINGSMATA have been playing monthly shows around London throughout 2018 and are picking up a loyal following with Felber’s groovy sexed-up indie. ALLTHINGSMATA recently Performed at  British Summer Time alongside legends - The Cure. ‘No Fools’ is the new single from the London-based outfit, a guitar-driven musing on the loss of reality on a night out.
“No fools is about the perils of feeling less / not experiencing enough irl. Mainly because I’m high, to the point of strung out on technology” - ALLTHINGSMATA

The official video for ‘No Fools’ was directed by Katia Ganfield, with Daniel Browhawn providing D.P. and artistic director Emma Chitty. Chitty, Felber and Ganfield are responsible for all the visual flourishes you see in the video, including the ME magazine; a tabloid-esque publication based on food selfies and influencers. The video stars ALLTHINGSMATA and a demonically angelic Tora Rose. The video is based on the artist’s fear of living in a technological illusion.

Felber has worked with a variety of acts over the last 10 years as a producer, writer, performer and curator. HMLTD, Mick Jagger, The Maccabees and Loyle Carner to mention a few.

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