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Ezhel Dates

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Ezhel Biography

Ezhel is a prominent representative of hip-hop / trap culture in Turkey with a surprisingly fresh lyrical style that is fusing counter-culture and Anatolian city life. In May 2017, he released his first album “Müptezhel” in which he experimentally blends trap, hip-hop and reggae sounds.

Even though this musical genre is not mainstream, his music managed to cross over genres and he became a favorite artist among listeners some of whom normally don’t follow rap music. In June 2018, he released his experimental trap track “Kazıdık Tırnaklarla” (We Scratched with Our Nails) which was recorded in Berlin. Apart from its chart success, the importance of this track is that it symbolizes Ezhel's artistic explosion from Ankara to Berlin, from domestic to international career. The first week of February 2019, his next single “Felaket” (“Catastrophe”) hit the charts, following the release he went on his first European tour of 18 shows and sold them all out. In September 2019 he started to release singles with the top Dutch-Turkish rapper Murda, one of them, “Aya” became an infectious Afro-Latin-Trap hit and had a big chart success. In November 2019 he released a collaboration album with the top German-Turkish rapper Ufo361 named “Lights Out”. It gained huge critical acclaim and superb streaming numbers with tracks like “Wir sind Kral” and “YKKE”.

After releasing the collaboraton album with Murda, named “Made in Turkey” in 2020 and a string of solo singles until today. He has been extremely productive during his years in Berlin, he has released songs with artists like Luciano, Summer Cem, Haftbefehl, Gentleman and so on. He has released many hits, numerically 16 number 1's in Turkish charts, 1 Top10 and 5 Top50 in German charts and 7 songs in Top200 Global charts. He had two soldout tours in Germany and Europe and in his next tour he'll go for arenas and big venues all over Europe, specifically he's going to go for selling out Lanxess Arena in Köln during 2023.


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