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TWRP Dates
Thu 5 Oct 2023 - 19:30 BST
Manchester Club Academy, Manchester, United Kingdom

TWRP Biography

The sound of the future as imagined in the 1980s. The nostalgic theme song to your favourite childhood cartoon that may have never existed. The hopefulness of someone from the future describing the utopia of tomorrow. Like a paradox of time travel, TWRP is all of these things and yet none of them.

This optimistic fascination with the future, grounded in the nostalgia of the past, is what has shaped TWRP. They are the product of many eclectic styles and eras, crafted into something simultaneously playful, heartfelt, and tongue-in-cheek, all delivered with self-aware bombast and an uncommon musical precision. Vintage funk, modern electronic, and classic rock converge in their science fiction universe, as if Earth, Wind & Fire, Justice, and Yes provided the soundtrack to a 1980s cult classic film by John Carpenter.

From humble beginnings on Canada’s east coast, to multiple transplants leading to years living in Toronto and Los Angeles, the broadly-defined synth-rock quartet has been quietly and steadily gaining a devoted and sizable cult following over the past 15 years. In recent years TWRP has experienced a golden era, growing rapidly from ongoing work with collaborators such as Colonel Chris Hadfield and Andrew Huang, as well as from major commercial successes as the band behind Billboard-topping comedy music stars Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb. With the power of an internet-gained fandom at their backs, TWRP’s relentless momentum is evidenced through yearly releases of full-length records, extensive touring through the US and Canada, a performance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 2018, and world tours across the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand in 2019. Their most recent release in November 2021, New & Improved, was a new landmark for the band with stronger sales and media reception than any original album in their history, as well as a sell-out supporting tour across the United States.


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