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Apashe Dates

Sorry, there are no Apashe dates.

Apashe Biography

The Belgian-born Apashe, now living in Canada, is an artist known for his genre-bending
approach to electronic music. He combines the purity of his symphonic orchestral
compositions with the rawness of electronic music and hints of hip-hop and bass, creating
a unique majestic sound.

In addition to his music, Apashe is known for his high-energy live performances, which
often feature live instrumentation and stunning visual effects. He has performed at festivals
around the world including Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, and many more!
With each project Apashe continues to push sonic boundaries. His music has been
featured in high profile films, trailers, fashion, TV shows, and video games like John Wick,
Yves Saint Laurent, Borderlands, Amazon’s The Boys, HBO, Netflix, Marvel, Fast & The
Furious and more. He has also collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Tech
N9ne, Lubalin, Wasiu, Geoffroy, Alina Pash, and more.

With a growing fanbase and a reputation for innovation, Apashe is poised to become one
of the most exciting and influential producers in electronic music.


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