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Bombay Bicycle Club
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Bombay Bicycle Club Biography

The pulsating, euphoric ‘Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)’, encapsulates all the ingredients that have made Bombay Bicycle Club's ascent from album to album so breathtaking.   Few bands over the past decade have continuously released earworms and built larger followings than these 4. Always Like This.  Ivy & Gold. Shuffle, Lights Out, Words Gone.  Luna.  Carry Me. Eat, Sleep Wake.  This list goes on.     From #1 albums to selling out arenas to festival headliners - they don’t make the most noise (metaphorically) but with every album their music connects with larger and larger groups of people.  

After releasing the critically acclaimed ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’ in January 2020, the band’s plans for a huge year were hastily scrapped when a pandemic interrupted the world’s plans.    But rather than twiddle their thumbs, the band have been busily working on their 6th album.  Already previewing new material during their summer 2022 festival appearances to rapturous responses, the band are set to release new music in 2023 and follow that with an ambitious international tour shortly after.  They just need the world to cooperate this time!


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