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Norman Brown
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Norman Brown Biography

Norman Brown has a lot to live up to. Since the release of his critically acclaimed 2002 album, Just Chillin' - which won a Grammy in the prestigious Best Pop Instrumental Category - this innovative and original guitarist has been front and center in the fast evolving fusion of pop, R&B and jazz that has captured the imagination of true music aficionados across the country and around the world. Now, with the release of West Coast Coolin', Norman Brown consolidates his reputation as a premier recording and performing artist with a collection of ten tracks -- written and co-written by the artist - that take the sonic adventure of Just Chillin' into breathtaking new spheres. It's an innovation due in large part to Brown's exceptional skills as a distinctive urban vocalist, with the specially selected tracks of West Coast Coolin' providing the perfect vehicle for this dazzling new facet of his career. As a result, Norman Brown joins a very select list of versatile urban artists gifted as both instrumentalists and vocalists. It's a direction that, on West Coast Coolin', has brought Norman Brown to some of the most singularly satisfying musical soundscapes of his lifelong journey. "It's important to reach your audience, to give them an experience they will remember," he concludes. "But music is also about finding out what gives you joy and pursuing that. I think on this album, I've managed to do both." In the process, Norman Brown has lived up to an expectation for originality that continues to grow with each concert and every new album.

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