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SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) is a 13 member boy group under Pledis Entertainment (home of After School, Son Dambi, NU’EST, Shin Yoonjo & Han Dong Geun). They are split into 3 teams, the Hip Hop unit (S.coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon), the Vocal unit (Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK, Seungkwan) and the Performance unit (Jun, Hoshi, THE8, Dino). 

In July 2012, Pledis Entertainment announced that they would be debuting their 2nd and new boy group “Seventeen” in early 2013. Seventeen would consist of 17 members that would be split into 3 sub-units that would promote in Korea, Japan & China. Seventeen was originally a 5 member boy group called “Tempest” (Seungcheol, Doyoon, Jihoon, Yusang and Youngwoon) that was set to debut in 2012 but the members were then moved to Seventeen. Unfortunately, Yusang and Youngwoon had already left the company thus only Seungcheol, Doyoon and Jihoon joined Seventeen. 

On December 2012, Pledis Entertainment announced the release of “SEVENTEEN TV”, which was a pre-debut training show that would help fans learn the names and faces of the members before their debut and where they could evaluate the boys training. After the airing of the first episode of ‘SEVENTEEN TV’, in January 2013, Pledis Entertainment announced that the boys that appeared in the first episode were not the final members of the group but were instead still all trainees. The final members of the group would be selected based off fan feedback towards each member. Their original plan was to create a 17 membered group, and so they started off with 11 trainees (Junhui, Soonyoung, Wonwoo, Jihoon, Mingming, Seokmin, Mingyu, Seungkwan, Hansol, Chan, Samuel), and throughout the 5 seasons of 17TV, new trainees were added (Seungcheol, Doyoon, Dongjin, Joshua, Jeonghan, Minghao), however trainees were also removed (Samuel, Mingming, Doyoon, Dongjin), leaving 13 fixed members. Plans for sub-units in 3 different countries were unknown for now. The group still continues using their name as Seventeen explaining that the reason behind it is that there are 13 members, 3 units but they are still 1 team, makintg them 17.

On April 2015, Pledis Entertainment announced ‘Seventeen Project: Debut Big Plan’, a debut reality show where the boys would complete missions and do guerrilla performances to garner 1000 fans and hold a showcase at the end of the show. If they succeed, they would be able to make their official debut through a one hour special live debut showcase broadcast. They managed to successfully gather the 1000 fans and made their official debut on May 26th making them the first group ever to hold a live debut showcase. They performed every song of their debut mini album including their title track ‘Adore U’. They made their official music program debut on May 27th of 2015 at MBC Show Champion and released their first mini album and music video for the title track ‘Adore U’ on May 29th.


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