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They say that man is the animal who laughs. But man is also the only animal that is cursed to know that someday, he gonna die. How funny is that? Very funny? Not so funny? Since when is death funny? We all have been to funerals where someone implores on behalf of the recently deceased, Laugh. H e would have wanted it that way. Why do we care about what a dead guy wants? Not everything has to be funny. I don't want to die. Do you?

Electric Six is pleased to announce the release of its eighth studio album, Heartbeats and Brainwaves, to be released on Metropolis Records October 11, 2011. Thats right. 10-11-11. When we live, we transmit energy. We generate biorhythms, gamma rays and heat signatures that can be interpreted by machines. When you put it that way, being alive doesn't seem very funny either. It just seems like one of those BORING science projects they make you do in high school. Yawn!!!!!!! Okay, so we are going to die and everyone is going to laugh. Along the way, we transmit energy and its really boring. When do I get to have some fun??? This is precisely where Electric Six comes in, son!!!!!! 10-11-11!!!!!

In Heartbeats and Brainwaves, Electric Six has created a work of art that confronts these existential crises head-on. All the while it manages to be so entertaining that you completely forget that your limits of time/space comprehension render you completely unable to answer why you are really here. You're too busy falling in love with Electric Six to realize that you are being fucked with. The album opener Psychic Visions sets the tone in a very Bad Seeds-esque fashion. It is swanky, it is dirty, and it is powerful. One minute into the album and you will immediately feel like you need a carton of cigarettes, preferably Virginia Slims. You're about to do some smoking, son!

Heartbeats and Brainwaves is an Electric Six album. And that means there is no one single sound, no one single vision. We do everything. From the nu-garage Gridlock! to the R&B goodness of It Gets Hot, to the bright, poppy, feel-good The Intergalactic Version, Electric Six assures you that it will never settle on a single path forward. There are six of us, and we go both ways. So, I guess our music goes twelve ways, then. Yeah.

Do you like Phil Collins? Then you'll love Hello! I See You!. Not just because it sounds like an up-tempo Phil Collins tune from 1987, but also because its about the ecstasy of the moment when we realize and accept that demons are real and live inside us forever. If you like the moments when Electric Six gets really arty, then you'll love Bleed For the Artist and We Use the Same Products. If you like when Electric Six sounds like Roxy Music, then you'll love the internacionale chic of Eye Contact. And if you like the time when an Electric Six album finally comes to an end, you'll love the new wave title track Heartbeats and Brainwaves, because you never really know when the end is coming.

So thats it, folks! We've got a new album coming out again and we've said some stuff about it. Electric Six is very proud of Heartbeats and Brainwaves, which marks the production debut from our very own guitarist, Johnny Na$hinal. 10-11-11!!!!!!! Come see Electric Six as it tours North America in hopes of selling copies of Heartbeats and Brainwaves on its Hello, Destructor!!!! Tour. Visit or to learn more about how we can become a part of your life.


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