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The members of All Time Low have always been very open about their formative musical influences: New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Third Eye Blind and, of course, Blink-182. They’ve also been open about how their icons have inspired their previous albums - from the Saves The Day-esque pop-punk jams populating 2007’s So Wrong, It’s Right to the upbeat rockers on 2009’s Nothing Personal and the eclectic, ecstatic pop of 2011’s Dirty Work. But when it came time to make their fifth album, Don’t Panic, the band decided to look inward for inspiration.

“With this record, a big part of the process was finding what made our band special on each of our past records,” says singer/guitarist Alex Gaskarth. “This time around, rather than taking influence from anything we were listening to at the time - or anything we want to touch on generationally - the goal was to make an album that we felt reflected the best aspects of our previous releases.”

Indeed, Don’t Panic - which marks All Time Low’s return to Hopeless Records after a stint on a major label - brims with the type of energetic, hook-filled songs the band’s fans have always gravitated toward. Mixed by Neal Avron, the album encompasses anthemic pop-rock (The Irony Of Choking On A Lifesaver), ferocious punk-pop (So Long Soldier, a song with guest vocals from Bayside’s Anthony Raneri) ‘90s-influenced alt-rock (To Live And Let Go) and gritty emo-pop (Somewhere In Neverland). Don’t Panic is a record meant to be played at top volume in the car, with the windows all the way down.

Now and as always, what keeps All Time Low moving forward are their dedicated fans, the ones who have championed the group through thick and thin. All four members of the band know how lucky they are to have such loyal listeners - and don’t take their support for granted. “We’re not going anywhere,” Barakat says. “We’re going to keep releasing music our fans love and we’re going to keep touring. We’ve always been the same four dudes who’ve been releasing music non-stop. This is our music. We’re here to stay.”





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