After years of setbacks, Jimi Hendrix Park finally opens in Seattle

Within walking distance of his childhood home, a park is now open to honor the late Jimi Hendrix in Seattle. Just opening on Saturday, the 2.5-acre park is now available to the public.

According to Rolling Stone, "For over a decade, Seattle and the Jimi Hendrix estate attempted to construct Jimi Hendrix Park, located in the city's Central District and walking distance from the legendary guitarist's childhood home." The park was originally supposed to open in 2011, but due to permits and construction delays, it was never able to be completed.

Scattered around the park walkways are famous lyrics from the famous guitarist, including lyrics from his songs, "Little Wing" and "Angel." In addition to a place to find his lyrics, there are plaques offering information about Hendrix's life, as well as sculptures. A $300,000 donation from Sony Music made it so that there is also a Shadow Wave Wall is available for viewing as well.

On Saturday, performances by various artists celebrated the unveiling of the space, as well as different activities and guest speakers.

More information on the park can be found on the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation website here.