Twenty One Pilots climbing stunts shtick grounded for 'safety' issues

Twenty One Pilots is a household name in alt-rock music now. But three years ago at Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing, Michigan, they were the cover band for a cover band. One of the most striking parts of the Twenty One Pilots act is the mid-air hi-jinks on the scaffolding. Band members Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun perform a gasp-worthy cirque-du-musique high above the crowd. But the climbing stunts shtick may be grounded. At least it was at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend where event planners nixed ninja frolics in citing "safety" concerns, Anti-Music reported.

Those climbing stunts have become the Twenty One Pilots signature and will likely be missed in the "Emotional Roadshow" concerts if other venues disallow it. Twenty One Pilots just played their "Emotional Roadshow" to a ginormous crowd at VanAndel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 4. Emotional Roadshow eclipsed even Grand Rapids' huge annual Festival of the Arts--the city was awash with concert goers. Curiously, few of them would have even known who Twenty One Pilots was just a few short years ago. And that's mostly down to the climbing stunts of Tyler Joseph (Josh Dun the drummer, stays on the ground, but he does wear awesome funky masks). It's an exciting and Emotional Roadshow for sure!

Those who heard Twenty One Pilots first at alternative music night at Common Ground Music Festival in 2013 came to see MGMT or AWOLNation. But they left being more impressed by the cover band than the headliners. At Common Ground Music Festival, Aaron Bruno of AWOLNation seemed bored and tired. MGMT gave the Common Ground Music Festival a good shot but their overuse of synthesizer made them difficult to hear. So, as they say, Twenty One Pilots stole the show. And the Emotional Roadshow appears not to be slowing this meteoric rise to fame. Now if only Twenty One Pilots doesn't have to nix the aerial acrobatics the star ascendant should continue its upward trajectory.