TPAC audiences get a chance to get 'Close to the Bone' with CNN TV personality

Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) has often made Broadway Theatre-lovers happy with the incredible Broadway lineup they offer every single year. Of course, TPAC also offers us other genres of entertainment, including community theatre, music concerts, stand-up comedy, ballet and even opera. There’s a show that launches its tour at TPAC, however, that may bring people who have never before been to the venue, regardless of the genre they prefer, to see this performance. The show of which we speak offers a genre not yet named. Not a stand-up comedian, but you will hear a monologue and you will laugh, perhaps even be able to interact with questions. Not a drama, but you might shiver at the brutally honest words you will hear.

So, get ready food and travel fans, you are about to venture onto a ‘road untraveled’, into ‘parts unknown’; listen, learn and laugh then listen some more, with none other than Chef, Author and Raconteur - did we mention Peabody Award winning - crazy-popular ... Anthony Bourdain! The man known for traveling the world on his stomach, star of CNN’s TV series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, is coming to Music City on July 7.

Tickets will sell fast. But fair warning; if you have “No Reservations” (er, tickets), you won’t get to see this chef and TV personality as he charms and alarms his audience with tales of the roads he has traveled, people he’s met and difficulties he has faced, in his explorative journey to taste the world one bite, one culture, one extraordinary person at a time. Get your tickets here now or by calling TPAC at 615.782.4040.

By the way, don’t mistakenly think you have to be a cooking/TV fan or even a Anthony Bourdain fan, for that matter, to see the show. If you are an individual who enjoys diverse culture, travel and street cuisine, you are very likely to love this “Close to the Bone” monologue by insightful, brilliant and annoyingly honest Chef; Anthony Bourdain. TPAC. July 7.