Ozzy Osbourne, the Godfather of Heavy Metal
Ozzy Osbourne, the Godfather of Heavy Metal
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When it comes to the best metal bands and hard rock musicians, there are just too many greats to list. Metal has come a long way over the years and finally has taken its rightful place near the top. While not all awards shows give metal and hard rock artists the credit they deserve, other publishing channels and networks look upon metal artists and what they achieve each year with true greatness and much respect. According to Celebrity Net Worth, there are a few top earners in the metal music industry that outrank everyone else.

Ozzy Osbourne

Who else would be at the top of the list other than our own Godfather of Heavy Metal, Ozzy Osbourne? As per statistics gathered for Celebrity Net Worth, Ozzy is the leader of the pack with a net worth of a whopping $220 million. It's not surprising since he continues to tour and record new music with Black Sabbath, as well as and record and release solo albums. The Osbournes reality TV show was a huge hit during its four season run on MTV and elevated the family's popularity with TV viewers.

Metallica's James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich

According to Celebrity Net Worth, these two metal gods who founded the band Metallica are worth a combined net worth of $375 million. These Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees continue to play live to sold out arenas around the world and have showed no signs of slowing down. Even though they haven't released any new material since the 2008 studio album Death Magnetic, Metallica's albums continue to fly off the shelves. Regardless if you're a longtime fan, or you're a newbie just getting into their music, Metallica is just one of those metal bands that is hard not to love.

Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses

Surprisingly, Axl Rose has a very decent overall net worth of $150 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. But, if it weren't for his time with his former G N' R band mates, would he still be as popular as he is today? That is a very good question. Because from a personal standpoint, Guns N' Roses just isn't the same without the likes of Slash, Duff (McKagan) and Steven (Adler). Axl Rose continues on with the name Guns N' Roses and has an entirely new band member line-up to back him. Rose and his new G N' R line-up continue to tour around the world and play the songs that his former band mates helped make famous.