Top 10 best Kelly Rowland songs
YouTube/Kelly Rowland VEVO

One-third of power group Destiny's Child and the first to go solo, Kelly Rowland has managed to stay grounded and relevant through all of the fly-by-night singers who have come and gone. It takes a special kind of determination for any artist to be compared to other star singers, have their songs dictated, dodge their relationships making the front page of entertainment news and still be able to smile as brightly as she does. But the new mom, fitness enthusiast and gifted singer has managed to do it all. In the process, she's put out some solid music, too. Check out this top 10 breakdown.

Talk a Good Game

Kelly Rowland's vocals are good already, but honestly the beat is seriously outshining them on this song. That doesn't make the lyrics about someone who does too much talking and not enough doing. However, T-Minus, Beau Vallis and Cossom deserve a special round of applause for producing this one. The rap feature was nothing to brag about, but that beat and Kelly's voice make for a song worth replaying.

Rose Colored Glasses

The downside to telling anyone about a relationship is they'll either be #Team[insertsignificantothersname] or they'll be vehemently opposed to the guy. But it's altogether different to have first-hand experience of the pros and cons of dating that person. No one will know a relationship quite like you will. For anyone who is dead tired of people meddling in another person's relationship, blast this one and hope they catch the hint.

Like This

Kelly Rowland's southern accent pops up every blue moon on a song, but on the chorus of this one she's letting that Atlanta accent out in full. Once you get past mimicking "thi-i-is," in comes the co-signing girlfriend to her newly single listeners: "Ladies, drama, leave it home/If he ain't got it right by now/Then scratch him off." For any woman trying to make dead weight into potential, this song is what they need to hear. And as usual Eve's rhymes make a great song even better.

I Remember

The producers for 2013's Talk a Good Game apparently made the decision that the songs with the darkest lyrics, minus "Dirty Laundry," were all going to be easily digestable by making the beats so easy to groove to that listeners could easily embrace the lyrics. Although this song is about a time when an ex (or current?) stopped loving her like he used to, it's way too easy to get wrapped up in the beat instead of making a sad face. Either way, it works.

Down on Love

Initially the lyrics are all about frustration, but oddly enough The Runners made this song danceworthy. Any two steppers and Chicago steppers will easily be able to tap out to this one whether they're in love or not.


As much as fans love her on ballads, there's nothing like a good hip-hop instrumental to make Kelly show off a little. The bass on this song goes hard. She talks that ish that makes you "run back and tell your mother." Although the video was just a bunch of wiggling, when her piano player popped up in the video, that made the song even better. He wasn't bad on the eyes at all.

You Changed

As much as Destiny's Child's supporters love to see what the former group does individually, there's nothing like a group song, whether it's Michelle's "Say Yes" or Kelly's "You Changed." After playing Beyonce's "Irreplaceable," this is the perfect follow-up song to pat yourself on the back for getting out of a relationship that was a complete waste of time. They're singing their butts off in this one, and the lyrics are just as worthy of a head nod.

All of the Night

Something about Kelly Rowland and 2 Live Crew's "One and One" sound so wrong as a combination, but '80s babies know the real lyrics after "One and one/We're having some fun/In the bedroom all day/And all of the night." Rico Love brings that sexual energy from the 1987 song but still keeps it tasteful. And it wouldn't be Rico Love without saying "Turn the lights on" before the song could end. This collaboration is sexy and fun, pretty much like Kelly is.


There are people right now who really wish Nelly and Kelly even humored the idea of dating. When Destiny's Child performed a lap dance during the 2005 BET Awards and Kelly chose Nelly, then fans stopped trying to play cupid and swore the deal was sealed. Bummer for them to find out Kelly was engaged and Nelly was still dating Ashanti. But it's still fun to watch the two dancing around in the video and Patti Labelle keeping an eye on them from the front porch. By the time the two worked together again on "Gone" two years later, fans were too tired to play cupid again. And with Tim Witherspoon now her husband, dreams have turned into "remember whens." Ah well, they'll always have the shoulder bop.


This isn't the first time that Kelly Rowland has talked ish on a song, but the combination of Lil Wayne talking reckless, too, mixed with an incredible dance routine in the video just made this song untouchable. With and without short hair, fans know she has sex appeal and is a really pretty woman. But it seemed like she truly found her comfort zone in 2011 with this Billboard-topping single.