The All-Star game returns to New Orleans after a three year absence

The All-Star game returns to New Orleans after a three year absence permission

The NBA will be holding their All-Star weekend in New Orleans this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and it is the best All-Star weekend of the four professional sports. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most underwhelming All-Star weekends of the four U.S. professional sports because fans expect more. The All-Star game itself isn't competitive and the Slam Dunk competition has failed to deliver consistent buzz although it has produced some good moments (Zach Levine's acrobatics, Dwight Howard's Superman dunks, Gerald Green blowing out a cupcake candle). All-Star Saturday night is what generates the biggest ratings of the whole weekend and being that that participants have already been listed on the page. Here are three things that would produce maximum headlines on Monday morning: 

1. Anthony Davis and Kristaps Porzingis make it to the Finals of the Skills competition--this is perfect for the host City of New Orleans to have their best player in the Finals and win the challenge which usually favors smaller, quicker guards. Davis and Porzingis are already "freaks of nature" from displaying their talents in handling the basketball, shooting and showing proficiency on the court so to have them excel past a bunch of other athletic players would cause many people to pull out their cell phones and record to post and re-post over again in marvel. 

2. "Swaggy P," Nick Young wins the three point competition--His career has been of a streaky shooter and not a consistent, everyday player so for him to defeat a pool of sharpshooters like Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson (defending champion), Kemba Walker, Wes Matthews, CJ McCollum would be a great feat. Everyone has seen his flashes of brilliance but have also seen it fade, so it would be great if Nick Young felt a bit of frustration at everyone thinking he'd bow out against better players, practice and focus a bit before the contest and then shoot accurately to steal the title and rub it in everyone's face. 

3. Lebron James takes argument with Charles Barkley 'to another level' and enters the Slam Dunk competition--This would be great theater considering that after so many years, Lebron finally responded to Barkley's taunts at him with Barkley responding back and saying it was fair game but laughing it off. Lebron takes Barkley's needling to another level by entering the All-Star game to fans' roaring applause and makes the final round a 'Boss Level' with the two finalists having to face him to win the title.