The top five music festivals in California

What do California and Florida have in common? They are both home to some of the best music festivals in America.

While we have already discussed the top five festivals in the Sunshine State, today we’re going to head to the Golden State to take a look at their legendary festival scene. From enjoying the eclectic atmosphere at Coachella to celebrating the roots of California’s music scene in Monterey, there is sure to be a festival that fits all tastes up-and-down the state. Although every festival in the most populous state in America is worth visiting, there are a few festivals that are so iconic that you must visit them while you have the chance.

So, as we continue to our series in counting down the Top 5 in every music category, here are the top five music festivals you should attend in California.  

5. Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, San Francisco

In a lot of ways, this festival is a perfect representation of the city it resides in. The Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival held at the beginning of August at the scenic Golden Gate Park, brings a host of big name artists from all stripes of the music world to play to the eccentric crowds that Northern California’s largest outdoor music festival attracts. The Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival is a sight to behold, for the right reasons. Aug. 5-7.

4. California Roots Music and Arts Festival, Monterey

To enjoy the roots of California’s legendary music scene, this is the festival that you need to attend. The California Roots Music and Arts Festival is a three-day affair held every May on the Monterey Fairgrounds that showcases some of the best bands and artists from around the Golden State. Though the festival does attract nationally-known artists, this festival is primarily geared to the local talent, which is what makes this festival so awesome. May 27-29.

3. Stagecoach, Indio

You normally don’t think of country music when you think of California's music scene, but the Golden State is home to one of the largest country music festivals of its kind in the Stagecoach Festival. Held every April at the legendary Empire Polo Club in Indio, Stagecoach has become just as big as the festival that shares the same venue, Coachella; and with the biggest names in country music coming together for a weekend of pure fun, Stagecoach is a must-attend if you’re a diehard country music fan. Apr. 28-30.

2. Joshua Tree Music Festival, Joshua Tree

Believe it or not, there are quite of few music festival diehards that look over this massive festival in the Southern California desert. But in truth, the Joshua Tree Music Festival is one of the best in California, if not the nation. This festival is unique in that it’s actually split into two editions, one in the spring and the other in the fall. Although most will make it to at least one of the two, the Joshua Tree Music Festival is best experienced when you attend both editions. May 12 -15 and Oct. 6 – 9.  

1. Coachella, Indio

Its official name is the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, but everyone knows it simply as “Coachella,” and it has done quite a lot to obtain that legendary one name status. Coachella is the music festival to end all music festivals with an eclectic lineup of big-name and up-and-coming artists and bands that will bring out the big guns to the joy of a packed Empire Polo Club ground that includes celebrities, hipsters, and everyone in-between. It's a party like no other, and If you haven’t been to Coachella, you’re missing out on one of the biggest parties on the planet, bar none. Apr. 14-16 and Apr. 21-23