The top 10 best f*cked up songs
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Given the title, this is an article could have gone in many different directions. When putting together this list it was decided to delve deep into the dark and twisted side of song lyrics. Music fans and musicians representing multiple genres submitted songs they considered to be the most f*cked up. Songs that produced a strong, visceral reaction were chosen. A few songs are comedically deranged while others are perverted and some are downright repulsive. These are the songs that really stood out and made people say, “Whoa…now that’s f*cked up.”

10. “The Most Offensive Song Ever” was written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the "South Park" television show’s Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classic. The song is sung by Mr. Hankey, a Christmas poo, to Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. He explains to her which ways to fool around while still being a virgin. Parker and Stone’s irreverent, comedic Broadway smash hit and winner of nine Tony Awards, "The Book of Mormon," is on tour now, click here for tour and ticket information.

9. “Girls of Porn” by Mr. Bungle is a perverted song about masturbation that slaps the listener in the face right from the get go. Its funky beat will really get you off as well. The band was formed during the '80s in Eureka, CA, taking their band name from "The Pee Wee Herman Show." Pee Wee fans will remember Mr. Bungle as the name used for ill-mannered, un-hygienic children in a short film which appeared in an early episode of the show teaching grade-school kids how to behave.

8. “Billy the Mountain” is a bizarre and twisted tale born in the imaginative mind of Frank Zappa, a man who takes people on a musical experience unlike any other. His song “Crew Slut” came in as a close second and is an all-time classic as well. The inspired genius of Zappa created a vast catalog of music, narrowing it down to only one song was an arduous task. Musically his compositions are phenomenal and his lyrics transport individuals on warped and magical journeys. His son Dweezil pays honor to his late father’s legacy in the Zappa Plays Zappa tour, which is on the road now. Click here for AXS venue tickets.

7. “I Kill Children” by the Dead Kennedys, a hardcore band that really impacted the Punk scene, delves into the idea of killing children just to see their mamas cry. It stomps on the sacred bond a parent feels for their child and exploits their biggest fears. Lead singer Jello Biafra consistently stirred up controversy while spitting out the bands overtly political songs. Click here for information of the band’s current tour.

6. “Bullet” by the Misfits goes to gruesome and seedy places that just make a person feel dirty. Without empathy the song vividly describes the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and then transitions into Glenn Danzig ordering Jackie Onasis to, “Masturbate me. Then slurp it from your palm.” The band created a legacy that has withstood the test of time. Today, touring with a new lineup, the Misfits continue to generate world-wide interest.

5. “Detachable Penis,” a song by King Missile, is the oral tale touching on every guy’s worst nightmare, waking up at a party and realizing he’s lost his penis only to find it hawked by a street vendor. Frontman John S. Hall said the idea for the song was inspired by a conversation he had with a lesbian who said she wished she had a dildo she could strap on and off as needed. He thought to himself, she needs a detachable penis. Keep up with new information on King Missile here.

4. “Little Girls” by Oingo Boingo is creepy song on multiple levels. Not only is it disturbing due to the subject matter of being uncontrollably sexually drawn to little girls, it is delivered in such a maniacal fashion by Danny Elfman it will skeeve a person out and make chills crawl up the spine. Elfman’s descriptive commentary of a conversation going on in rapey, pedophile’s mind is truly troubling.

3. “Daddy” is a Korn song horrifically describing incestual sexual abuse. Singer Jonathan Davis wrote the song about his own personal experiences of being molested as a child. It is a very dark song both lyrically and in the musical mood it emotes. Even though the song is very emotional for Davis to get through on stage, he continues to perform it for the fans. It has become a kind of therapeutic moment for others who have been abused and often there are people crying in the audience as they relive and release their own suffering. Click here for the band’s 2016 tour information.

2. “Eat my Diarrhea” is just one of many jacked-up songs by G. G. Allin. With titles such as “Ass Fuckin', Butt Suckin', Cunt Lickin', Masturbation,” “Needle Up My Cock” and “Stink Finger Clit,” Alin will go down as one of the most spectacular degenerates in Rock history. His performances rarely lasted for more than 10-20 minutes before venues shut him down. Allin often wound up nude on stage, he beat himself bloody with broken bottles and once tried to shove a microphone up his own rectum. He urinated on his band and the audience, he took laxatives before gigs to defecate on the stage, ate his own feces and threw it at the audience.

1. “Born in a Casket,” a song about necrophilia and a baby being born to the corpse, who later devours its mother, is but one of an immense collection of disgustingly ghastly songs by Cannibal Corpse. This band’s repertoire contains enough gag-inducing material to fill this entire top ten list all on their own. From “Shredded Humans” to “I C** Blood” and “Meat Hook Sodomy” this band has a song that will gross out or offend just about everybody. The guys are currently on tour, to keep up with all the latest info on tour dates click here.

Containing hardcore intensity, unconventional lyrics, and unacceptable experiences this top 10 best f*cked up songs list will certainly stick in a person’s psyche. Sifting through all the song suggestions became quite unsettling and this list barely scratches the surface of depravity out there. There are more extremely messed-up songs produced than most people realize.