The Orwells amp it up with latest album and 2017 tour

The latest album by The Orwells is called Terrible Human Beings, and it is brimming with the edginess expected from a young group of restless, rebellious and rowdy rock musicians. All five members of the band formed at York High School in Illinois and decided to jump head first into pursuing their musical careers after graduating in 2013. Since then, the five teenage misfits haven’t slowed their pace, releasing projects with little time in between while playing shows extensively in a national and global format.

Their newest full-length album hit shelves on Feb. 17th this year following their highly regarded sophomore album, Disgraceland, which was released in 2014. Terrible Human Beings picks up where the band left off with a return to the groups signature head banging hooks and grooves while taking a new approach to the production. There is a noticeably cleaner sound to the overall sonic quality on The Orwell’s third LP. The crisp and clean fidelity helps provide depth to the nostalgic garage rock anthems the band is known for writing at this point in their discography.  Tracks like “Black Francis” and “Ring Pop” breach into familiar territory for The Orwells with both tracks brimming with mischievous and angst filled lyricism intertwined with foot stomping garage melodies. However, the five dudes don’t wear out their welcome and manage to sneak in a few surprises with songs like “Double Feature.” The song closes the album in style and showcases the group trying their hand at a lengthy psych garage rock jam.

The Orwells accompanied the release of Terrible Human Beings with the announcement of a widespread global tour featuring over 40 performance dates. This week marks the beginning of the band’s U.S. tour dates following a vast series of performances throughout Europe. The band is scheduled to take the stage at the Gothic Theater in Denver, Colorado, Wednesday, March 22 in support of their new album. Along with the news of a 2017 world tour, the Orwells dropped two music videos for the album’s singles to bundle with the release of their latest project. Both music videos do a good job of showcasing the band’s overall gritty and untamed persona. Time will only tell what these talented hooligans will be working on next, but chances are it will be loud, aggressive and worth listening to. For more information on The Orwells and upcoming tour dates, festival performances, music news and more visit their AXS page or check out their Facebook page.