'The Order of Things' is the next All That Remains album

Massachusetts is a hotbed for underground rock and metal music. Think about it. Where did Aerosmith, Genuflect, Reveille, Godsmack, and Killswitch Engage all get their start before hitting mainstream status? Good ol' Mass. All That Remains is an example of continued success from the western part of the state: Springfield. They announced recently that their anticipated seventh album will be released on Feb. 24, 2015 and it will be named The Order of Things.

What can an avid fan expect from this album? All That Remains haven't given away too many hints about the vision of this record yet, but if it's anything like their prior works, you can expect the music to be eclectic while still within the broad rock/metal category. Cryptic Rock interviewed rhythm guitarist Mike Martin in January and he said:

We’ve always wanted to have a lot of different kind of metal songs whether it was a ballad, fast song, or death metal song. We’ve always been capable of doing every kind of song. We’ve always just done it no matter what the repercussions were because you know you are always going to get backlash. If you are going to write a record that is really heavy, and on the next record you have a ballad, people are going to get pissed. We never really look too much into it, we just wanted to do it, and so we pretty much did it.”

Will The Order of Things have an overall theme or be their usual “best of” recording process? In that same interview with Cryptic Rock, Mike Martin had revealed their usual procedure for creating an album:

A lot of people think there are big meetings that we have and it is a carefully thought out process. It’s really not; it’s just a snapshot of that time. It’s just 10 or 12 songs that we write that we want on the record at that time. There is no big process of what our next big plan of attack is. We just go in there and the first 10 or 12 songs that we like, those are what goes on the record.”

All That Remains is the band that brought you songs like “Two Weeks”, “This Calling”, “Hold On”, “What If I Was Nothing”, and “Stand Up.” Determined not to live in the shadow of their own past classics, the band is hopeful that their newest album will be received as the best to date. There is one track that has been released off of The Order of Things so far, which is the single “No Knock.”

All That Remains is keeping us in suspense about their tour plans. However, you can keep up with their shenanigans on Facebook and Twitter.