The Liquorsmiths' 'This Book Belongs To' is timeless, barrel-aged Americana
The Liquorsmiths

Ah the enviable skillset of the liquorsmith... Only the liquorsmith can flawlessly tailor the drinking experience to an individual’s distinct palette. Only the liquorsmith can so expertly consummate the event of drinking, finding and implementing the perfect touches to make sure your inebriation is unfettered and revelrous. The Liquorsmiths, a folk trio out of San Diego, would presumably love their music to be that final, missing touch to your drunken night, and with their new record, This Book Belongs To, they do a pretty good job of it.

The Liquorsmiths are fronted by guitarist/vocalist, Drew Thams, whose earnest, semi-nasally voice demands comparisons to another guy that goes well with a drink, Jeff Mangum. In the album’s lead single,“Get Well Soon,” Thams explores remedies for an unnamed malady; he suggests the age-old panacea of barrel-aged whisky and promises that “if you water it down, it’s not gonna pack that punch.”

Truer words have ne’er been said, and it’s further thematic evidence that The Liquorsmiths are truly here to enrich your liquor consumption. Their music feels like being in a tarnished, brick-filled pub that was built 500 years ago; it’s comfortable and familiar and it does everything you need and expect it to do.

This Book Belongs To is rife with that timeless, Americana veneer that isn’t flashy or chic, but rather dependable, upbeat and exceedingly pleasant. And that’s exactly what it’s trying to be.

The six-track album ends on an especially nice note in “Day By Day” as Thams pleads to his baby “Are you happy?” Straightforward, simply imagined guitar progressions are supported by dulcet organs, backup vocals and a sparse drumbeat, bolstering the album as a perfect, rustic supplement to your liquoring in any rustic drinking establishment—and it's not bad in other locales either. It’s not background music—it’s complementary music. It’s the music of a true liquorsmith.

This Book Belongs To is out August 25 via Inhesions Records.