The Limeliters Tour 8 states across the country
The Limeliters Tour 8 states across the country
Photo By Andy Corwin

The Limeliter Spring tour of cities is well underway. The trio has a few more dates on this tour but what is happening is clear. The Limeliters still can draw a crowd and fill auditoriums in every venue they visit.

These traveling, folk singing performers are on tour through the back roads of eight states singing for their fans in school auditoriums and civic centers. The band has gone through some changes since the days of Glenn Yarbrough, but they still have the songs and the enthusiasm to get the crowd clapping and singing along. It's a folksy music show filled with the songs about war and peace, fairness and personal freedom from the past that seem so relevant in today's challenging times.

Classic trio form, the guys are old friends that are making the tour a success by enjoying the act of doing their musical numbers for an ever expanding audience. The revival of folk music is apparent everywhere they appear. The Limeliters act includes newly developed material as well as old favorites that are still warming the hearts as well as the seats in every venue. The fans are thrilled to hear these favorites as they were intended; being performed in an intimate, audience participating venue, live.

Folk Music has gone in and out of style a few times already. Fortunately for the band, what is old is new again, so these totally cool dudes, who have all the favorites at their ever-strumming fingertips, are getting booked regularly. The room rocks and sways with the old tunes - often with the audience members singing along to the lyrics remembered from way back in the day.

The trio has a well rehearsed, tight set of songs that are introduced with humorous tidbits from the band. We all remember those classic acts like "Peter Paul and Mary" or "The Smother's Brothers" and how they would introduce their music with little stories about the song or writer. The musical numbers are funny and camp while staying in the tradition of the songs we all remember from this classic group like "There's Whiskey in the Jar" and "There's a Meeting Here Tonight".

The Limeliters are lighting the stages and filling the seats in a High School auditorium and Civic Centers though this Saturday where they will appear in Kokomo, Indiana for their last gig on this tour. The Limeliters are well loved wherever they go, just see what is on Andy Corwin's Blog. Check out the daily rundown for all the details. The Fall tour is getting booked now so we'll expect to see them locally in Los Angeles this Fall.