Gemini Spaceship (Live On KFJC)
Gemini Spaceship (Live On KFJC)
Courtesy of The Jigsaw Seen, used with permission

The Jigsaw Seen releases Gemini Spaceship (Live On KFJC), their latest in a series of digital-only releases, on May 1, 2015. This special recording will be available exclusively at their Bandcamp music website. It is a four-track EP which was recorded live at the Northern California radio station KFJC.

For those not in the know, The Jigsaw Seen is an L.A. band founded in 1988 by lead singer (and ex-United States Of Existence artist) Dennis Davison and guitarist Jonathan Lea. Their most recent roster includes Davison (lead vocals/primary songwriting/acoustic guitar/keys/percussion), Lea (guitars/bass/mellotron), Tom Currier (bass/piano) and Teddy Freese (drums/timpani).

The Jigsaw Seen’s new release is a select collection of live numbers performed, recorded and broadcast at the Los Altos Hills radio station on May 29, 1993. The live cuts were later edited and mastered by Mark Wheaton in L.A.

The EP opens on “Where The Action Isn’t”. This one is the first of a pair of song written by Davison. It’s an early version of a current fan favorite. It was included on their 2010 CD Bananas Foster.

The second selection here is an admittedly obscure cover of “Running To The Convent” which was first recorded by a band from the UK known as Dry Ice. It is followed by the second Davison composition “My Name Is Tom” which is the title track of a 2006 EP and was also included on previous recordings. This is an all out, 9 minute long rendition where the band simply has fun with the piece.

The closing cut is a noteworthy rendition of “Jezebel” which harkens back to at least their 1990 platter, Shortcut Through Clown Alley. It’s an interesting and appropriate choice for both the venue and in consideration of the other songs selected for inclusion.

With bootlegging especially rampant in today’s digital age some artists are taking a viewpoint similar to Bob Dylan when he released Self Portrait in 1970. Perhaps that was the thinking when The Jigsaw Seen sat down to plan this new EP.

Lea told your rockin’ writer that “the EP is basically an official live bootleg for hardcore fans.” Thus, The Jigsaw Seen chose to release Gemini Spaceship (Live On KFJC) available only through Bandcamp.