The heart of New Orleans beats in Scotty Hill's French Market Jazz Band

There's a level of palpable, emotional depth within the music of Scotty Hill's French Market Jazz Band that basically bleeds New Orleans. This is music with soul, sadness and joy; of musical knowledge and talent that runs deep within the veins of Hill and his exemplary musical crew.

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Scotty Hill's French Market Jazz Band was formed back in the early 1970s, and have earned critical acclaim and accolades from outlets as varied as Time Magazine and New Orleans Magazine. The group has opened for such artists as Dionne Warwick, The Four Tops and Ella Fitzgerald with the a unique blend of bluesy soul and expert jazz chops. Hill himself is a Loyola University graduate who has sat in, studied and performed with countless genre greats across Europe and the United States on many gig and tour dates, honing his craft to a smart and razor sharp edge that has been proven in the live arena.

The French Market Jazz Band itself feels as comfortable kicking out streetwise, blues jams—think crawling bass lines and powerful, crooning vocals—as it does evocative, magical paeans to the city of New Orleans itself, capitalizing on Hill's amazing trombone playing skills. It will be these skills that shall be set on display this year at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, linking the world of old school blues and ragtime jazz with a finger on the pulse of today's tastes and trends. Hill has even earned honors for his work transposing traditional jazz arrangements for computer MIDI files, further demonstrating the man's passion for music in all its myriad forms.

Hill's music is as timeless as the city of New Orleans itself: a celebration of jazz music that moves to its own rhythm and beat, whether it be up-tempo dancing drums and joyous, singing horns or a silky smooth melody. Scotty Hill's French Market Jazz Band will deliver Dixieland and Ellington style serenades in their own, uniquely energetic style for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival fans this year, promising a set which should not be missed.

Scotty Hill's French Market Jazz Band
Jazz Fest Performance: Thursday, May 1, 2014
Genre: Jazz
Go see this if: You want soul, emotion, depth and musicality. To groove, dance and sing joy over traditional jazz and blues jams!